Tanzania challenged to capitalise on credit opportunities

TANZANIA: TANZANIANS have been challenged to take advantage of credit opportunities provided by financial institutions, including banks to invest in economic activities for improved livelihoods.

The remarks were made by Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa recently at the Tanzania Commercial Bank (TCB) Pavilion when gracing the 50 anniversary of the Institute of Social Work in Dar es Salaam.

“TCB has continued to be major stakeholders by creating an enabling environment, including credit services that will help stimulate the development of women, various groups and all Tanzanians in the country,” he said at the event where TCB participated as one of the sponsors.

He said the move is in support of the government’s efforts to ensure that various social groups, including women and youth continue to benefit economically.

The Social Welfare Week organised by the Institute of Social Work went together with the launch of the Education, Development and Morals sessions for young people.

The Premier said that due to economic challenges, many families are unable to find enough time to raise children and young people who are important in the development of the present and future nation.

“So this topic is a wake-up call for every executive and member of society to realise that it is a matter of education and the development of children and young people based on our nation’s development,” he said.

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