TanTrade raises number of international pavilions at Sabasaba

TANZANIA Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) has renovated the Kilimanjaro pavilion and upgraded it to an international level.

Now, the Kilimanjaro pavilion has 600 square metres with the capacity of hosting 40 booths used by SMEs.

However, this year’s 47th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) will accommodate foreign companies mostly from India.

TanTrade’s Trade Promotion Acting Director, Mr Fortunatus Mhambe told the ‘Daily News’ that the increased demand for foreign firm pavilions made them to upgraded the facility.

“The facelift increased the number of foreign company pavilions from two to three,” Mr Mhambe said.

The other two international pavilions for foreign firms are Karume and Sabasaba.

The 47th DITF, which starts at the end of next week, will host some 115 foreign companies.

“The number of foreign participants is set to increase because we are still receiving applications,” Mr Mhambe said.

He said the target for this year is to have 500 foreign firms from 30 countries, including China, Ghana, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Japan, India, Pakistan, Iran and Türkiye. Others are Indonesia, Algeria, Rwanda, Syria, South Korea, Kenya and Singapore.

Additionally, TanTrade drilled three water wells with a combined capacity of 45,000 litres per hour and are connected to both the national grid and a generator to ensure uninterrupted supply around the clock.

Also, the regulator installed modern security system cameras—Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), which are better than the previous ones to beef security at the fairgrounds.

TANESCO Temeke Regional Manager, Eng Jahulula Jahulula said they have removed old cables and installed new ones to improve quality of the power supply at the grounds.

“Our goal is to completely improve power infrastructure at the Sabasaba grounds to enable the fair to run smoothly,” Mr Jahulula said.

TanTrade is optimistic that the coming 47th DITF will be of resounding success after half of the invited countries confirmed to participate.

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