Tanroads set to execute 1.4tri/- worth projects

THE Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) is continuing with the execution of 16 road infrastructure projects, equivalent to 603-kilometres at a cost of 1.4tri/- in various areas within the country, to facilitate economic activities and bring about productivity among the people and country.

Such projects include the 18-km Mianzini-Olemringaringa-Sambasha road project, Ntendo-Muze-Kilyamatundu (179km) and 51.1 km Malagarasi-Ilunde-Uvinza road project.

The rest are Karatu-Mbulu-Hydom-Sibiti-Lalago-Maswa 389-km, Matai-Kasesya 50-km, Ntyuka-Mvuni 76-km and 87.14-km Tarime-Mugumu road projects.

Tanroads Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Engineer Rogatus Mativila disclosed this in Dar es Salaam, yesterday while inspecting progress of the 23.3-km Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) phase III Lot 1 project worth 231.7bn/-.

He said the government is executing the projects in recognising the importance of tarmac roads and modern bridges in facilitating movement of people and goods at all seasons, thereby bringing productivity to various socio-economic activities in the country.

“I assure the residents of Dar es Salaam that BRT II and III will be completed as per the set plans, to ease congestion challenges facing the city dwellers,” said Eng Mativila. He indicated that the progress of BRT III project stood at five per cent as of end of March, this year.

He said BRT II was to be completed in March this year as per the plan, but currently the project has been implemented by 85 per cent due to various challenges. It’s anticipated by October this year the project would have been completed.

Elaborating on the process of implementing the project, he noted that initially there is a period identified as a learning curve but considering the contractor’s progress in mobilising materials required both physical and human resources and coming up with a model of managing traffic, eventually the gap will be filled.

He observed that soon they will be inking a contract for BRT IV, while pointing out that funds for BRT V are available from France.

He also underscored the process of executing major projects, noting a roll over effect whereby preparations start from the present financial year of execution and will continue in the coming financial years as outlined in the plans.

As for 2021/2022 projects stipulated in the government plans, he noted that the project kick started with procurement procedures, implying that the project has officially started.

On the other hand, procurement for raw materials for executing a project may take up to a whole year to finalise, implying a roll over due to the fact that the project’s implementation will start in the coming year.

He noted that projects which were lined up in the financial year 2021/2022 were automatically moved to the coming year because for each year of its implementation, a budget is usually lined up for the purpose.

He noted that usually, projects take between three to five years and each year a budget is allocated, therefore the 16 projects whose procurement had been done and contracts signed continue to be executed.

Eng Mativiala revealed that in the financial year 2021/2022, Tanroads received 1.5tri/- as endorsed by the Parliament.

On his part, Tanroads Project Manager for BRT Projects, Eng Barakael Mmari, underscored that BRT Phase III project is among the six phases the government was implementing as part of efforts to ease congestion and reduce travel time for people plying from one point to another within the city.

He pointed out that the project began last year on August 1 and it’s expected to be finalised in March next year.

“The contractor has started well by carrying out preparations for the kick start of the work…road construction for BRT buses is ongoing and the contractor will move to side roads after completion of the work,” maintained Eng Mmari.






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