Tanroads removes 68 humps on 120-km road section

MOTORISTS and other road users in Rukwa Region are breathing a sigh of relief as works to remove 68 humps on the road section stretching from Mkutano to Round About area in Sumbawanga Municipality has been completed.

Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) initiated the project that had been carried out in four months at the cost of 600m/- until completion.

The 120-kilometre section of the road from Makutano bordering Rukwa and Songwe regions, which has 116 humps, is part of 225-kilometre Tunduma-Sumbawanga Highway that was rehabilitated in 2013 at tarmac level to ease transport woes.

Engineer Susan Lucas, an official in charge of construction and rehabilitation unit from Tanroads in Rukwa Region, told the ‘Daily News’ that the authority had contracted a qualified firm that had undertaken the project successfully as per contractual agreement.

“The contracted firm had removed all 68 humps and rehabilitate the areas” she noted.

On his part the Member of Parliament for Sumbawanga Urban Constituency Mr Aesh Hilaly commended the initiative taken by Tanroads on removing the humps which has eased transportation woes.

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