TANGO commends Samia’s 4Rs philosophy

THE Board of Directors and the Secretariat of Tanzania Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (TANGO) has commended President Samia Suluhu Hassan for her efforts to revive hopes of Tanzanians in the economic, social and political fields.

The organisation applauded the realisation of her self-crafted as 4R philosophy (Reconciliation, Resilience and Reform and Rebuild) that her regime has adopted as pillars for socio – economic prosperity and multiparty democracy.

“TANGO acknowledges this new governance and leadership approach, which is creating space for different actors to come together, share their concerns and interests, express themselves, and to have the freedom to individually and collectively play various roles in building and shaping our country for the benefit of the development of our nation and its citizens,” the statement read.

It further noted that, in two years since she took over the office, Dr Samia realised the need to change the leadership tactic in solving the problems and challenges affecting the country’s economic, political and social systems.

It further read: “In her address to the nation, she pointed out  that I believe that we are now going through the same difficult environment that existed when we embraced multi-party system… I wish to foster unity regardless of our political, religious or ethnic differences.”

TANGO also said that, changes introduced by President Samia in 24 months of her leadership have enhanced freedom of expression, assembly and association which had suffered a significant blow for more than six years before she took office.

“We witnessed how Dr Samia walks the talk and accepted the October 2022political reforms recommended by a government-backed taskforce… In her address to the nation, she pointed out, “I believe that we are now going through the same difficult environment that existed when we embraced multi-party system… I wish to foster unity regardless of our political, religious or ethnic differences” the statement noted.

TANGO also commended Dr Samia for lifting the ban on political rallies imposed by granting freedom of assembly to all political parties.

“According to our laws, it is the right of political parties to hold their public meetings… my presence today in front of you is to give permission… that the announcement to prevent public meetings is now lifted,” she told the nation in December 2022.  Prior to that she had met various opposition leaders.

Particularly, TANGO said that the commitment to improve the democratic space in Tanzania was witnessed with the formation of the special committee, which collected and analysed the opinions of stakeholders regarding the need for constitutional reforms which led to the revival of constitutional discussions, raising hopes for many Tanzanians in amending the 1977 Constitution.

“This was further evidenced by the increase of 9bn/- in the Ministry of Constitutional and Legal Affairs budget for  2023/24 fiscal year which is committed for the new constitution and democratic reforms in laws, which were a concern to most of the political stakeholders and the citizens in general” the statement read in parts

It further noted that, the NGO sector has also benefitted from the changes which, among other things, enabled different actors to work together, express their views and share the same with government institutions.

President Samia has made a commitment to support the sector, acknowledging the important role it plays in the country’s development.

Dr Samia lifted the ban on a number of media housed that were previously imposed.

“We should not give them room to say that we are shrinking press freedom…however, they should follow the rules,” she emphasized” the statement added

On the other hand, TANGO committed to support the efforts of President in the transformative changes aimed at catalysing development in Tanzania.

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