Tanga women food vendors celebrate ‘Mwanamke Shujaa Campaign’ success

TANGA: Food vending business in Tanga Region got new impetus following a series of empowerment workshops that reached and benefitted over 1300 women food vendors.

The workshops conducted under ‘Mwanamke Shujaa Campaign’ aimed at imparting skills on bookkeeping, customer care, stress management and capital growth.

The initiative was brought under the partnership of Coca-Cola Kwanza Limited, Oryx Gas Tanzania, the Institute of Social Work (ISW) and other stakeholders.

Minister of Health, Ummy Mwalimu said at the event to celebrate success of mwanamke shujaa campaign at the region said this extraordinary initiative has provided women vendors with vital business support, including essential cooking equipment, clothing items and a series of workshops.

“I express my deep appreciation for the unwavering support provided by Coca-Cola Kwanza Limited and Oryx Gas Tanzania for making mwanamke shujaa campaign a success story,” she said.

She highlighted the pivotal role of this initiative in boosting food vendor operations, increasing individual income, generating job opportunities for women, and aligning with the government’s clean energy agenda.

Each empowered woman received a substantial package, including a 15kg gas cylinder, a two-plate gas cooker, an apron, a cooking table, and a crate of soda, all aimed at further improving their businesses.

This year, the mwanamke shujaa campaign has empowered a grand total of 1,711 women, demonstrating Coca-Cola Kwanza Limited’s steadfast dedication to promoting women’s economic empowerment.

The Managing Director of Coca-Cola Kwanza Mr Unguu Sulay reiterated the company’s commitment to shaping a more equitable future for communities.

“Coca-Cola Kwanza is thrilled to contribute to women’s empowerment initiatives through educational, employability, and entrepreneurial programmes,” he said.

Mr Sulay noted that the company has uplifted impressive 1,395 women food vendors in the Tanga Region in less than two months, bringing the total number of empowered women to a remarkable 1,731.

Moreover, on youth component of their economic inclusion programme, this empowered 1,039 youth this year, making a total of 2,770 individuals impacted by their programmes.

This initiative is an integral part of Coca-Cola Kwanza Limited’s ongoing efforts to empower women entrepreneurs and contribute to the economic development of communities.

The Mwanamke Shujaa campaign is making a significant impact in the lives of women food vendors in Korogwe and is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Coca-Cola Kwanza Limited Oryx Gas Tanzania, the Institute of Social Work and other stakeholders.

Coca-Cola Kwanza Limited remains firmly committed to fostering economic empowerment for women in Tanzania, with one more initiative planned for this year.

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