Taifa Gas announces distribution of 10,000 Gas Cylinders

DAR ES SALAAM: March 28, 2024: Deputy Minister of Energy, Ms. Judith Kapinga, has pledged to effectively oversee the distribution of approximately 10,000 gas cylinders recently donated by Taifa Gas Company for the benefit of citizens in various parts of the country.

The cylinders, presented to Vice President Dr. Phillip Mpango, were given by Taifa Gas Company to support President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s campaign to free women from the burden of carrying firewood on their heads. The initiative further aims to assist citizens in easily accessing the clean energy source.

Ms. Kapinga made the promise during her meeting with senior officials from Taifa Gas Company, led by the firm’s General Manager Mr. Devis Deogratius, when they visited her office in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

In addition to praising the company for its contribution to the campaign, Ms. Kapinga emphasized that the success of the initiative relies heavily on the involvement of more stakeholders, as it aims to reach beneficiaries across the entire country.

“As a ministry, we are committed to ensuring that all deserving beneficiaries of this campaign are reached, as President Samia intended. It is reassuring to see stakeholders like Taifa Gas standing with us to guarantee its success. Alongside distributing these gas cylinders, we will also ensure that education on clean cooking energy reaches all beneficiaries in every district and ward,” said Ms. Kapinga.

Furthermore, Ms. Kapinga urged Taifa Gas Company to expand the availability of gas refilling stations in different parts of the country, allowing more citizens to easily access the energy service.

Mr. Deogratius, in response, affirmed that Taifa Gas will continue to cooperate with the government in promoting the use of clean energy. He also emphasized the company’s commitment to expanding its investments in warehouses across the nation to ensure the safety and accessibility of the energy.

“We understand that the transition to clean energy will occur gradually. The key is to establish strategies that increase the number of clean energy users in the country, currently at 8%,” said Mr. Deogratius.

Among the areas targeted by this campaign are regions greatly affected by deforestation, such as the Iringa Region and others.

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