TADB commits to agriculture productivity

ARUSHA: Tanzania Agriculture Development Bank (TADB) has committed to continue offering farmers with products and services with the goal of boosting output and the sector’s contribution to economic growth.

TADB Public Relations and Marketing Manager Mr Amani Nkurlu said yesterday that apart from providing loans, the bank is also reaching farmers with opportunities like loans, training and technical advice.

For TADB, the Financial Services Week fair is important as it provides an opportunity to meet farmers and other stakeholders across the agriculture value chain.

“Farmers can access our short, medium- and long-term credit facilities at affordable interest rates which can go as low as 9.0 per cent.

“We support farmers and agri-preneurs across the entire agri-value chain, from agri, livestock and fisheries sector,” added Mr Nkurlu.

TADB urges farmers to visit its pavilion at the Sheikh Amri Abeid grounds to learn more about the bank and explore its services and products.

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