TACAIDS calls for joint efforts to attain zero HIV infection

THE Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS) Executive Director, Dr Leonard Maboko has called for joint efforts to attain zero HIV infection.

Dr Maboko gave the sentiments in his message during the climax of the 59th anniversary of the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, saying the country’s economy depends more on healthy workforce.

“When we celebrate this Union Day, the theme of this year’s
celebration is ‘Unity and Solidarity are Pillars to Economic Improvement’; we cannot attain economic growth if Tanzanians are not healthy,” he said.

He noted that as a country, Tanzania has three goals to achieve by 2030, which are to eradicate new infections (Zero new infection), to eradicate AIDS-related deaths (Zero AIDS deaths) and to eradicate stigma (zero stigma).

Dr Maboko explained that statistics show that the state of new infections has decreased from approximately 110,000 new infections per year in 2010 to 54,000 new infections per year, in 2021, equivalent to a reduction of more than 50 per cent.

“In terms of AIDS deaths, we have also succeeded in making progress from 65,000 deaths per year, in 2010, to 29,000 deaths per year, in 2021, equivalent to a 50 per cent reduction,” he said.

He added that in terms of stigma, a study conducted in 2013 showed that the situation was 28 per cent, but a study conducted in 2021 showed that the situation of stigma has decreased to 5.5 per cent.

“We are doing well as a country because as we can see that we have made great strides in these three goals; I encourage Tanzanians with our unity between the Mainland and Islands to continue working together to ensure that we are healthy and achieve the goals of a better economy as well as achieve the goals of completely eradicating AIDS by 2030,”
said Dr Maboko.

In addition, Dr Maboko said that the Zanzibar AIDS Commission (ZAC) and TACAIDS continue to cooperate closely in ensuring that the three targeted goals are attained.

He noted that they are  currently in the final stages of processing the fifth study data aimed at checking the state of HIV/AIDS in the country.

“This research started at the end of 2022 and to date we have finished to collect the data and we are in the final stage of processing them, so that we can see where we have reached in the fight against AIDS.

“The results of this research will also help us create a guide to ensure that we meet the 2030 targeted goals of zero new infections, zero AIDS deaths and zero stigma thus being able to have unity and solidarity in strengthening our economy,” he stressed.

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