T-Pesa urged to spread wings regionally, globally

DAR ES SALAAM: T-Pesa, a subsidiary of the Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation (TTCL) offering mobile financial services, has been called upon to work creatively and expand its horizons beyond Tanzania by offering electronic payment services across the region and globally.

This directive comes at a time when T-Pesa has seen its market share in the country’s mobile financial services sector surpass three percent, with its capital surpassing 7bn/-.

The directive was issued by TTCL’s Board Chairperson, Ms Zuhura Muro, this weekend during the official launch of the board of directors for T-Pesa Company and the Board of Trustees for the TTCL Pesa Trustees entity.

“T-Pesa should be creative and interconnect Tanzania with digital payment services globally,” Ms Muro said. “We expect to revolutionize the digital payment system.”

She added that this milestone can only be reached if T-Pesa embraces creativity, adapts new visions, and demonstrates assertiveness in managing the company with fresh ideas to achieve the desired expansion.

Ms Muro also emphasized the importance of T-Pesa adhering to the laws, rules, and regulations governing financial matters in Tanzania and other African countries where it plans to extend its reach and offer digital financial services.

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“On her part, T-Pesa Managing Director, Ms Lulu Mkude, said that her company is experiencing steady growth in offering electronic financial services within the country,” the article continued.

“Currently, it has been able to penetrate the market with a share exceeding three percent.”

Ms Mkude added that her company has secured capital that has risen to over seven billion shillings.

She expressed confidence that T-Pesa will grow to meet its planned goals and revolutionize digital payments in Tanzania, Africa, and globally.

“Our primary aim is to offer good services to Tanzanians and connect them with Africa and the entire world when it comes to electronic financial transfers and digital payment services,” she explained. “With the support of the government and our parent company, we will achieve this goal.”

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