SUZA yet to plan over faculty of agriculture in Pemba island

STATE University of Zanzibar (SUZA) has no immediate plan to introduce a faculty of agriculture and entrepreneurship in its Pemba branch, the House of Representatives was told here yesterday.

Deputy Minister of Education and Vocational Training Ali Abdulgullam Hussein told the house that the university is aware of the high demand of agriculture and livestock experts in the country, charging that currently the focus is on boosting the quality of education offered in the fields.

He said the university is offering training at various levels from certificate to degree level and is investing heavily on training of academic manpower to achieve the goal.

The deputy minister was answering a question by Kojani Representative Hassan Hamad Omar who wanted to know SUZA plans to introduce the faculty of agriculture and entrepreneurship in its Pemba branch.

“The university is currently building capacity through recruitment and training of academic staff to build its capacity; we cannot state for sure when the faculty of agriculture will be introduced in Pemba branch,” the deputy minister told the house.

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