Sumbawanga Veta centre ready this month

Construction of Vocational and Training Authority (VETA) centre  in Sumbawanga municipality in Rukwa Region is set for completion this month.

Regional Commissioner Ms Queen Sendiga said the VETA training center will cater for growing demand for unemployment opportunity which the formal sector cannot fulfill.

“Development does not only depend on people being employed in formal sector only noting that VETA training is focusing at ensuring the government goals to develop an industrial economy is becoming successful,” she said.

She assured citizens in the region that upon completion the training center will accommodate every individual regardless of gender who needs vocational education has opportunity to receive it and will be able to participate in industrial based activities.

She further noted that the accomplishment of the training center project would ensure sufficient skilled labour force that will help to drive economic development activities hence attaining nation goals.

The VETA trading center from Chala ward in Nkasi District was tasked to resume the construction of the project through Force Account system after being stalled for two years.

The Chala VETA training center acting Principal Mr Oswald Mwashihava explained that the construction of the project resumed on February this year and scheduled for completion before end of the month.

The construction of the project resumed through Force Account system after the government injected over 2.03bn/-.

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