Sudan conflict displaces nearly a million people – UN

The UN says the month-long war in Sudan has now forced close to a million people to flee their homes – most of them are displaced within the country.

Despite an agreement to protect civilians, both the army and the rival Rapid Support Forces have continued to fight in densely populated areas – especially in Khartoum.

Both the Sudanese army and the rival Rapid Support Forces or RSF are blaming each other for shots fired at a church on the outskirts of Khartoum that left a number of people injured.

Envoys of both sides are meant to be meeting in Jeddah to plan the withdrawal of the fighting forces from populated areas.

But that seems highly unlikely to happen given that the RSF is deeply entrenched in neighbourhoods across the capital.

The insecurity in Darfur is getting worse. In El Geneina Arab militias allied to the RSF have been attacking homes.

No-one seems to know how to stop the war in Sudan and there’s a real danger it could destabilise the entire region.

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