Strong winds render 48 families’ homeless

ABOUT 48 families have been rendered homeless, following the strong winds at Tundu area, Kala ward along Lake Tanganyika shoreline and at Kirando ward of Nkasi district, Rukwa region.

On the wake of hostile weather pattern, two cattle owned by a Tundu Primary School teacher were drown in a flooded river.

Kala Councilor, Mr Privatus Yolamu confirmed the incident over the phone interview held by this paper saying the natural phenomenon wreaked havoc to the residents from the precinct.

He further said the the heavy rain which started on the night of January 21 this year lasted till noon on January 22.

“Though there is no any casualty has been reported so far by the rain badly damaged the Tundu Primary School latrines also section of Nkana – Kala road has been badly damaged,” he added.

Tundu Village Chairman, Mr Pius Sungura, said that the victims have been taken refuge and accommodated at the houses of some of their friends and relatives as well as to the health facility building at the precinct.

“Some of the victims have been taken refuge to the houses of their relatives whose houses were not hit by the rainy” he added.

“The number of houses are 48 whose roofs have been ripped off and its walls collapsed,” he added.

One of the victims, Ms Afrisia Kusongwa called upon the government and aid agencies to come forward and provide them with relief supplies, including temporary shelters as their houses have been badly damaged.

“Practically we have lost everything,” explained Ms Kusongwa.

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