Strive for excellence – Singida MD urges Tanesco, REA

SINGIDA: SINGIDA Municipal Director, Jeshi Lupembe has urged the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) and the Rural Energy Agency (REA) to ensure improvement, distribution and availability of electricity in the country is attained at the highest level possible.

He made the remarks here during the opening of a one-day workshop for TAHA members and electricity beneficiaries so that they can be well informed on construction of the Tanzania- Kenya High Voltage Electricity Transmission Project being implemented by JICA.

In a message read on his behalf by Mr Kikonge Jeremiah, the Municipal Director noted that electricity is one of the important sectors that provides employment to many Tanzanians; thereby building a strong economy at the community level and for the entire nation.

“Therefore, we have to ensure these big projects are implemented with high skills and they are sustainable so that future generations can also benefit from the projects” he said.

JICA Chief representative to Tanzania, Mr Ara Hitoshi reminded members of an association of people who went to study in Japan or elsewhere in the World under the sponsorship of JICA (JATA), that they have a great role to play in contributing positively towards development of mother Tanzania.

“You have a paramount role of fulfilling your responsibilities, utilizing the technology and experiences you acquired from Japan or other countries under JICA’s programme” he emphasized adding;

“I would also like to encourage you to utilize this opportunity at the workshop to share knowledge, experience and skills among each other for the betterment of the association. Through the networking and close engagement of JATA members in its all activities, I believe activeness of JATA members will be improved further.”

The Tanzania – Kenya High Voltage Electricity Transmission Project (KTPTP) was sanctioned jointly by the government of Tanzania and Kenya, implemented by Tanesco under the support of JICA from January 2016 to July this year.

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