‘Strengthen checks, balance systems of public accounts’

DODOMA: THE government has been advised to put in place strong checks and balance systems of public accounts, as well as improve rules and regulations for enhanced accountability and good governance.

Moreover, the National Assembly has advised the government to ensure accounting officers of the public institutions and entities remain responsible and protect resources under their mandate.

Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Ms Naghenjwa Kaboyoka said this when tabling the committee’s report for the period between February 2023 and January 2024 in the National Assembly yesterday.

She said the committee has realised that there are a number of challenges in the management of public funds especially in the areas of honouring the contracts terms.

She said in this area, there has been a big loss of financial resources. The recommendations, said Ms Kaboyoka followed the inspection carried out by the committee during the specified period in various institutions that falls under the committee.

Therefore, said the Chairperson, the committee wants to ensure there is accountability and good governance for increased productivity in the spending of the public funds.

Moreover, the committee called upon the government to come up with a short and long term financing plan for the Marine Services Company Limited (MSCL) to be a competitive, reliable and customer oriented marine transportation.

“MSCL was in bad shape financially and administratively for not having the experts with skills in the implementation of projects of renovations of marine vessels. The situation delayed maintenance of the vessels thus lack of value for money,” said the chairperson.

Thus, the Parliament resolved that the government must come up with the short and long term programmes so that MSCL can perform according to the objective of its establishment.

The programmes will improve the marine transport sector contribution in the national economic development as the needs and demand of the shipping vessels both cargo and passenger are on the increase.

“MSCL must strive to live its mission to provide safe, leading, dependable, reliable, predictable and security conscious business, serving well its customers in the area of its operations” she underscored.

The committee also directed the government to come up with a circular which will outline clearly the ceil- ing for its outdated vehicles listed for maintenance and sale.

Moreover, review should be conducted for the laws and regulations on valuation of the public vehicles listed for sale for genuine pricing according to market.

On top of that, she said, there is a need for a time limit for the public vehicles which are in the garages as the majority of them overstay with more damages.

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