Strategis women leave a mark at Mwananyamala Hospital.

FEMALE employees from Strategis Insurance have put a smile on female patients at the Mwananyamala Regional Referral Hospital Maternity Ward as the World marked International Women’s Day.

They donated various items at the maternity ward, where they had time to mingle with the patients while giving them hope.

This is the second consecutive time that Strategis Insurance employees are extending this warm gesture, having made a similar donation last year during International Women’s Day.

“We are delighted to extend a helping hand to our fellow women today by donating various items that will assist before, during and after delivery,” said the Strategis Insurance Marketing Manager, Lilian Malasuka.

She said the donation included pampers, washing soap and Macintosh mattresses.

“These are essential items for women, seeing that not all of them can afford these essential items. Realising this, the women at Strategis decided to donate these items as we believe they will be of great help to our fellow women,” she said.

She said this donation to hospitals will be continuous as part of the women’s CSR every year. “This is our second year consecutively and we intend to donate every year,” she said.

She called on well-wishers and women countrywide to remember the less fortunate, especially women who play a big role in society.

“This is our day and we have to continue showing how important it is to all women. Let us continue supporting each other and believing in ourselves always,” she added.

On her part, the hospital’s Secretary, Lilian Mwanga thanked Strategis for the consistency in remembering maternity patients.

“These are very important people who are bringing new creatures to the world,” she said.

She further called on Strategis to also look at supporting other areas in the hospital that will result in more quality service from the hospital staff.

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