Stop politicising new constitution, public told

THE Minister for Constitution and Legal Affairs Dr Damas Ndumbaro has asked the community to stop politicising the issue of the new constitution and wait for appropriate steps.

“It is true that we need a new constitution but in order to get it, it is good for the community to be patient and stop politicising this matter because it is not a political matter,” said Dr Ndumbaro.

Speaking on Saturday at the ‘CLUB HOUSE’ Debate on the Implementation of Samia’s Legal Aid Campaign and Efforts to Solve Legal Challenges in the Country, he said that the government continues to put in place good procedures which will help to get the document.

Dr Ndumbaro said that regarding the implementation of Samia’s legal aid campaign, the Ministry of Constitution and Legal Affairs has already successfully provided training to approximately 5000 legal assistants across the country, and among them 1,000 assistants have already been provided with certificates.

“These assistants are part of the strategy of this campaign that will be implemented for 3 years and is expected to be completed in February 2026. Upon completion the evaluation of the campaign will be done to see how much the goals have been achieved” said Dr Ndumbaro.

In addition, Dr Ndumbaro said that his Ministry has planned to ensure that citizens who cannot afford the legal costs are given assistance so that justice can be obtained.

He said that the strategy of the campaign aims to address complaints of morals and law violations so as to give Tanzanians what they deserve in justice and law.

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