State unveils strategy to keep fertilizer prices down

The government plans to slash demurrage rates as a strategy of controlling prices of fertilizers and other agricultural inputs.

This was revealed by the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Anthony Mavunde during a Tuesday’s Question and Answers sessions in the Parliament, Dodoma saying that his Ministry has set short-, mid- and long-term plans to solve the challenge of fertilizer prices in the country.

Mr Mavunde was forced to unveil the matter to the MPs when responding to a Mbeya Rural MP, Oran Njeza’s question which sought to know the government’s strategy to deal with the said issues.

Additionally, the Deputy Minister said other strategies includes the implementation of the 2022/2023 Fertilizer Subsidy Programme for farmers, encouraging the use of DAP and UREA alternative fertilizers such as NPK, NPS, NPS-zinc, Minjingu, natural fertilizers and lime.

“We also encourage fertilizer traders to use the TAZARA railway line and the Central Railway (TRC) to transport fertilizers in bulk while encouraging investment in producing fertilizers in the country,” he said.

However, he said through the fertilizer subsidy programme, the government has prepared price indicative manuals for farmers.

According to him, price of a 50kg bag of 50kg DAP, Urea and NPK fertilizers is 70,000/-. Other varieties range between 50,000/- to 60,000/-.

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