State reassures more education improvements

DAR ES SALAAM: THE government has reassured its commitment to further improve education sector for the development of society and the nation as a whole.

The Head of State made the commitment, yesterday, through her X (formerly Twitter) platform when wishing best of luck to Form VI students who started sitting their final exams, yesterday.

Dr Samia pledged to implement plans and policies in the education sector to enable students to fulfill their ambitions and become citizens who will make contributions to the society and nation.

She mentioned the plans and policies including increasing the budget for more higher learning students to get loans and improving policies and environment for the growth of the private sector which contributes to a large extent in creating employments in the country.

“My promise is to continue working, planning and implementing plans and policies that will enable you to fulfill your ambitions and become citizens who would make great contribution to our society and nation,” Dr Samia said.

However, Dr Samia said that she believes that Form Six students have used their time well in school for preparations for exams since the government implements fee-free education policy from Form One to Form Six, improves more schools and construct more dormitories to create comfortability for students especially girls.

She said the government has also increased the budget of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, saying that the decision has brought relief and comfort to many families and increased more candidates from 106,883 last year to 113,504 who started the exams yesterday.

“I wish all the best to all Form Six students who sit for their exams from today(yesterday) to graduate from secondary education. I pray to God to make you successful in this stage and all the best in the next stages,” Dr Samia said.

“The step you are starting today (yesterday) is important in your educational journey and we expect your talents, efforts and commitment to contribute to the country’s future development,” she added.

President Samia will go down in the country’s history as the Head of State who championed for educational reforms, key being the change of education system.

Three years down the line since she assumed the reins of the country, President Samia has carried education reform agenda on her shoulders, understanding that the sector is the cornerstone of her vision for the country’s economy.

The Head of State’s commitment to education increased spending on infrastructure and overall quality. This has resulted in greater access to school through increased enrolment rates and reduced drop-out rates.

These reforms were particularly aimed at addressing gender disparities when it comes to access to education and the labour force, with initiatives such as the “National Girls Education Initiative” pushing to end the gender gap.

It would be recalled that in November 2021 President Samia allowed teenage mothers in the country who had been stopped from returning to classes to go back to school, a measure that was a big policy shift by the government.

The government announced that the new policy also applied to students once stopped from classes due to truancy and family problems.

To ensure Tanzanian children selected to join advanced secondary education get access to the opportunity, President Samia’s government, with effect from 2022/23 academic year, started implementing fee-free education policy for Form Five and Form Six students in Tanzania.

The policy, meant to remove all forms of fees and contributions in government schools, meaning that Tanzanian children now enjoy fee-free education right from primary to secondary education (O-level and A-Level).

Over the past three years, President Hassan has demonstrated bold and visionary leadership, prioritising the modernisation of the education system to equip students with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century.

In her inaugural speech in Parliament on April 22, 2021, President Hassan underscored the crucial role of education in shaping the nation’s development trajectory.

In so doing, President Samia has carried out reforms to the country’s education system by reviewing the education curriculum so that it focuses on competence.

The review of the 2014 Education Policy concurrently with the new curriculum at all levels looks at skills and innovation.

The policy review and education curriculum are aimed at improving the learning and teaching methodologies of vocational skills and life skills to cater to the 21st century.

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