State plans to complete 5,000 houses for those willing to relocate from Ngorongoro by next year

DODOMA: The government expects to complete a construction project of 5,000 houses by 2024 for residents relocating from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) to various designated areas.

Mobhare Matinyi made this announcement at a press conference in Dodoma on Friday. He stated that a total of 503 houses have already been built.

Mr. Matinyi, who also serves as the Director General of Tanzania Information Services-MAELEZO, mentioned that 551 households, consisting of 3,010 individuals, have relocated to Msomera in the Handeni district of the Tanga region, along with their respective 25,521 livestock.

He assured the general public that the sixth phase government is continuing its efforts to build new residences, emphasizing that the relocation process is voluntary and not coercive.

“The government is providing education through various means, including the media, to explain the benefits of moving from the Ngorongoro area to designated villages and other areas chosen by the people,” he said.

In addition to Msomera, other designated areas, according to Mr. Matinyi, include Kitwai in Simanjiro District (Manyara) and Saunyi in Kilindi district (Tanga).

He mentioned that 500 residents have registered, and their assets have already been verified. However, there are 27 households, comprising 120 people and 769 livestock, that have chosen to relocate to areas different from those allocated by the government, according to the spokesperson.

Elaborating on compensation, he explained that each household moving to areas designated by the government receives fund compensation, with an additional 10 million Tanzanian Shillings for transportation to their respective destinations.

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