State-owned radio still off air in Sudan

The state-owned Sudan Radio – also known as Radio Omdurman – has remained silent since Saturday.

It is unclear why, as this station broadcasts and operates from the same premises as the state TV channel, which resumed broadcasts on Monday morning having been off air for more than 20 hours.

Reels of patriotic music and footage of the army’s victories have been played on TV, and in a statement on Facebook the Sudanese army said it had retaken control of the TV premises from the rival Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

State TV also aired a statement by the RSF’s spokesman, Naj al-Din Ismael, saying he had defected from the paramilitary group and joined the national army.

Journalists in Sudan have told the BBC as fighting continues there is also a propaganda war between the rival factions of the military, which is largely being fought on social media.

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