State intensifies fight against GBV

DAR ES SALAAM: THE government is reviewing all outdated laws and policies to intensify fight against sexual violence and other forms of violence in the society in order to promote equality and human rights for all.

This was said in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday by the Deputy Minister for Information, Communications and Information Technology, Mr Kundo Mathew when he officiated the 36th anniversary of the Tanzania Women Journalists Association (TAMWA).

Mr Mathew revealed that after receiving a proposal from TAMWA on the need of having a policy to curb violence in work places especially in newsrooms.

“This work continues to be done and some studies show that 64 per cent of working men are sure of being given employment contracts in the media, but the situation is different for women where only 36 per cent of them are sure of getting employment contracts,” said Mr Mathew.

Meanwhile, the deputy minister said the government will work on all recommendations made by TAMWA regarding ending violence and abuse of women in the workplaces and in the community to ensure equity in the society.

He said President Samia Suluhu Hassan recognises and appreciates TAMWA’s contribution in the formulation of various policies and laws in the country which brought great reforms in the nation “TAMWA contribution to the nation is great, President Samia has received your suggestions and we are taking them all for implementation,” he said.

Earlier, briefing on the result of the research conducted by TAMWA recently on media in the country, the Executive Director, Dr Rose Reuben, said 77 percent of the women journalists interviewed have experienced acts of violence.

Dr Reuben said the research involved 22 media outlets in the country and 137 female journalists in the country working in various media outlets.

She said 77 percent of those 137 confessed through acts of violence including being asked for sexual bribe. Similarly, 27 percent of the abuse was done from news sources and 59 per cent of acts of sexual harassment and bribery were done in the newsrooms against women journalists.

“With these statistics, we still have a long way to go to ensure that acts of violence are stopped and that there is gender equality in order to have a friendly work environment for all groups,” said Dr Reuben.

The Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) Representative, Ms Dorothea Mrema said that they receive various accusations including sexual bribery and they conduct investigations and when they find evidence, they take action to file charges and bring the accused to court.

“PCCB receives complaints related to corruption allegations including sexual ones and we are taking action.

We are asking those who encounter such incidents to come and provide information that will enable us to take action in case of any truth. We want this to be stopped completely,” stressed Ms Mrema.

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