State expresses commitment to boost cassava sector

DODOMA: THE government has said that it will continue creating opportunities in the cassava sector particularly looking for the markets.

The assurance was made in the House by deputy Minister for Agriculture, David Silinde when responding to the main question asked by Buyungu lawmaker, Aloyce Kamamba (CCM) who had sought the government’s assurance in the search for an accurate market for cassava.

Responding, the deputy minister said that the government was implementing different initiatives to attract cassava customers from across the globe, including putting up reliable infrastructures as well as organizing forums regarding the cassava business.

“In implementing this, the ministry is continuing with the preparations for the construction of a major cassava market in Kahama district as well as infrastructures for drying cassava in Kigoma region in efforts to develop the product,’’ he said.

According to the deputy minister, the government was equally intensifying campaigns in the cassava business value chain including convincing farmers and traders to join the Tanzania Cassava Producers and Processors Association (TACAPPA).

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The TACAPPA aims to unite actors in the cassava value chain in Tanzania and is an umbrella body to address issues facing cassava producers and processors in the country.

It is charged with duties for developing plans for mounting availability and accessibility of cassava quality seeds to farmers as well as fostering awareness on challenges facing cassava production and how to address them.

Cassava is an important crop in terms of production volume and per capita consumption in Tanzania.

The cassava sub-sector contributes directly to income and employment generation of about two million farmers in Tanzania.

In the august House yesterday, Mr Silinde noted that the ministry had engaged all stakeholders in the value chain in the quest to sell about 21,620 metric tonnes of dry cassava outside the country, whereas the country earned 7.6m US dollars in 2023.

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