State demands health centres construction update reports

DODOMA: DEPUTY Minister of State in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government), Dr Festo Dugange has directed District Executive Directors for Kilolo and Bukoba Urban Districts to submit to the ministry reports on the progress of the construction of health centres in their areas.

He said the ministry wanted the reports assess the possibility of replenishment of the budget to complete the projects.

He said the government recognizes the efforts by citizens in building dispensaries and health centres in their areas and that DEDs were supposed to update the authority on the progress especially in those areas where citizens have decided to start the construction on their own.

The deputy minister was responding to a question posed by Special Seats MP, Grace Tendega who wanted to know when the government will release fund for the construction of Lyamgungwe health centre in Lyamgungwe Ward, Kalenga constituency.

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The MP said residents of Lyamgungwe Ward were travelling long distance in search of health services and that it was time the government fulfilled its promise of constructing the health centre in the area.

The deputy minister said the government is aware of the challenges facing residents of Lyamgungwe Ward in Kalenga constituency in seeking health services.

He said in 2025/2026 the government will allocate 100m/- for starting the construction of the health centre in the said ward. He added that, the government will continue to allocate fund in phases to ensure the construction of health centre is completed.

Moreover, the MP wanted to know when the government will support residents of Kilolo Ward who have already started construction of the health centre by using their own resources.

She said residents of Kilolo have so far made good progress in building the centre and that they were asking the government to support them to complete the construction.

Meanwhile, Special Seats MP, Neema Lugangira wanted to know when the government will build a health centre in Bakoba Ward in Bukoba Municipality.

She said the government policy states that any ward with a total of 10,000 residents requires and qualify to get a health centre and that Bakoba ward has a total of 16,000 residents.

“In that case where the ward has a total of 16,000 residents, it is obvious there is need for having a health centre to serve this population, I would like to hear the government plans on this matter,” she asked.

In response, Dr Dugange said the government has already put plans in place to construct the health facility in the said area and directed the Bukoba DED to send him the report on the matter.

“I am therefore directing the Bukoba DED to send the report indicating the amount of money that has been allocated by the council for the project,” he said.

Dr Dugange assured MPs that the government is committed to build dispensaries, health centres and hospitals in all areas that require such services and as it was promised by leaders.

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