State allows temporary sugar importation

TANZANIA: The government has allowed the importation of 50,000 tonnes of sugar for the month of January and February as a means to solve the sugar shortage problem in the country.

Minister for Agriculture, Hussin Bashe made the revelation stating that the rate of sugar production in the country has dropped from November 2023 due to heavy rains that made it hard for the crop to be harvested in the fields this year with ease.

“Although rain is still pouring down affecting production areas, factories are continuing with production. We will continue watching closely at the production and I assure you that within 30-60 days, stability will return and the price of Sugar will be stable because we would have reached a better place,” he stated on his X account.

Mr Bashe noted that for the past three years the county’s domestic production of sugar has been increasing and the government’s expectation was to attain 550,000 tonnes this year.

“This year we would reach the goal of being self-sufficient if the temporary challenges of rain will be solved,” he added.

Elaborating, Mr Bashe said that the country’s need for sugar is 460,000-550,000 tonnes with buffer stock and by November 2023, factories dropped production by more than 30 per cent resulting in a high increase of sugar price.

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