Stakeholders remind State on execution of FP2030

STAKEHOLDERS have applauded Tanzania’s Government for the improved maternal health and family planning as they called upon the government to implement international contracts to ensure sustainability of such services.
The government has also been reminded to set aside funds generated from local sources for implementation of maternal health and family planning projects.
Tanzania Men as Equal Partners in Development (TMEPiD)’s advocacy and communications manager, Ms Eugenia Sasanuri said this in Dodoma recently at a meeting with Tanzania Parliamentary Association on Population and Development (TPAPD) MPs who are champions of the initiative.
According to Ms Sasanuri, development partners have been supporting provision of such services and several countries have so far committed themselves to set aside funds to boost accessibility of the services using local sources.
“The aim is to ensure sustainability of provision of such services even when development partners pull out citizens will continue receiving these basic services,” she added.
She has also argued members of community to debunk family planning myths for the country’s development.
According to FP2030, governments are required to ensure improved maternal health and family planning services and make it accessible to 54 per cent of population by 2030.
TPAPD chairperson who doubles as Mpanda Urban MP, Sebastian Kapufi and other lawmakers said called upon politicians to educate public and remind the government to fund such projects.
On his part, TMEPID facilitator James Mlali said the government has an opportunity to top up by one percent of fund released by UNFPA for the implementation of projects.
According to Mlali, TMEPID and UNFPA have jointly set aside 2m US dollars and government is required to top up by one per cent.
In the second year, the government under the agreement, will contribute two percent thereafter one per cent annually.

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