Specialist doctors underscore need for early diagnosis

DODOMA: SOME specialists and super specialists from the University of Dodoma (UDOM) have underscored the need for regular medical checkups to enable early diagnosis of diseases, including the non-communicable diseases which are on the increase.

The advice was given over the weekend during an outreach programme conducted at Uhuru Hospital in Chamwino District.

During the outreach programme, the specialist doctors from the UDOM offered free medical checkups and treatment of diseases such as diabetes, cardiac, hypertension, respiratory , cervical and breast cancer among other non-communicable diseases.

During the outreach programme officiated by the Dodoma Regional Commissioner, Ms Rosemary Senyamule, more than 1,000 residents benefitted from the free medical checkup and treatment.

Speaking during the event, representative of the UDOM Vice Chancellor, Prof Albino Tenge said they hosted the camp to bring the medical checkup services closer to the community as many had wrong information about the services.

He said some shy away from going to the hospital for checkup due to high cost as well as misbeliefs and notions on medicines.

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As a result, he said, their health is deteriorating due to failure to get proper treatment, thus the UDOM has provided them with the opportunity whereas patients who will be diagnosed with diseases which need referral are given the transfer.

“The UDOM alongside our doctors and other specialists in non-communicable diseases, nutrition and community health we are here to ensure the public get the needed and acquired knowledge on symptoms for early detection of the diseases thus start attending treatment on the right time,” said Prof Tenge.

He used the platform to educate the community on the need for the public to start exercising, changing their lifestyle and eating habits to avoid non communicable diseases which are on the rise and claim lives of many people.

Mr Yunus Elia, who was among the residents who showed up at the outreach camp, was optimistic about getting treatment taking into account that his economic status failed him to get the specialized treatment.

Opening the outreach camp, Ms Senyamule instructed the Chamwino District Administrative Officer to set aside a day in every month where elderly people and other members of the community can engage in exercise for at least 30 minutes.

She called upon the specialists and doctors to raise awareness education on nutrition and healthy eating habits among the members of the public to avoid stunting as statistics indicate that 31 percent of the residents suffer from it.

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