Special operation destroys 500 hectares of cannabis farms

A special operation conducted in Morogoro Region has managed to destroy about 500 hectares of marijuana farms and seized 131 bags of dried marijuana in a week.

The Drug Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA) in collaboration with other security organs including the National Service (JKT) Ruvu conducted the operation for eight days in the districts of Morogoro, Morogoro Rural and Mvomero.

During the period, a total of 120kg of cannabis seeds were also confiscated alongside the arrest of 18 suspects, according to the DCEA.

Authority’s Commissioner General Aretas Lyimo mentioned that in Morogoro Rural District the operation was conducted at Kisaki ward, Rumba village and Mbakana village it confiscated 70 sacks and 59 sacks of cannabis respectively.

In the same vein, 120kg of seeds of such illegal crops were seized as well as 350 hectares of farms were destroyed.

Commissioner General Lyimo told journalists on Wednesday that in Mvomero district 139 hectares were smashed.

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