Speak out to avoid mental problems, Tanzanians urged

TANZANIANS have been urged to speak out and seek counselling whenever they face difficult moments to avoid being victims of mental health risks.

Speaking to the ‘Daily News’ on Sunday, Founder of the Watukonekt Organisation, Mr Kizwalo Simbila, stressed that it was time the problem is addressed so as to save lives of people.

He further noted that mental health related cases were on the rise in the country but there were few stakeholders who were ready to be on the front line to minimise dangers it brings to society.

“People are committing suicide, they are indulging in drug abuse and embrace other unhealthy practices which end up destroying their lives, leading to loss of productive people in the society,” Simbila said.

“We arrange various social interaction activities in different parts of the country for the sake of bringing together people and imparting them with awareness skills to open up whenever they face a difficult problem.

“Most people tend to suffer in silence, leading to depression and stress which makes them to think about negative things that instead of solving their problems, they escalate them.”

Simbila also revealed that mental health is rampant in the villages where concerned stakeholders do not reach  people who have nowhere to turn to in seeking assistance.

According to him, one of the main setbacks they face in executing their works is to identify victims of mental health, insisting that it is difficult to know them.

He then hailed good cooperation they receive from the government saying they are always cooperative and will continue to engage them in order to help as many Tanzanians as possible.

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