‘Solve marriage, inheritance disputes peacefully’

DODOMA VICE-PRESIDENT Dr Philip Mpango has called upon religious leaders in the country to help believers solve marriage and inheritance disputes peacefully without affecting children.

Dr Mpango made the remarks during the consecration and installation service of the fourth Bishop of Anglican Church Mpwawa Diocese, Bishop Luzineth Kingamkono held at Anglican Church in Mpwapwa District, Dodoma Region.

He said that marriage and inheritance disputes have affected many families and left mothers and children in difficult situation.

This, Dr Mpango said, has led to among others an increase in street children, increase in single-parent families and widows being robbed of the property left by their spouses contrary to religious teachings.

The vice-president urged parents and guardians to carry out the responsibility of raising children and young people with morals to avoid serious negative effects that may arise in the family, adding that a large part of the current moral decay is due to bad parenting and marriage disputes.

He added that statistics from Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) shows that a total of 442 divorces were registered in 2019, 511 in 2020 and 550 in 2021. The trend was on increasing the trajectory, the VP said, adding this has to be checked to reverse the situation.

Moreover, the VP called on religious leaders and Tanzanians in general to recognise the importance of protecting and maintaining peace, unity and country’s independence.

“President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan since coming to power has taken deliberate steps to strengthen peace, democracy, freedom and unity of the nation… President has shown in practice his determination to build national unity, including participating in the activities of other political parties and various religious sects,” Dr Mpango said.

Similarly, he encouraged all believers to realise the importance of protecting the environment and refraining from bad habits that lead to the destruction of the environment.

“Despite the great efforts of the country and the international community in dealing with the destruction of the environment and climate change, the problem is still big and its effects are causing a great disaster for human life and other creatures,” the VP said.

On the other hand, the vice-president said that the government appreciates the good work done by religious institutions in caring for, raising and educating orphans, people with special needs and the elderly.

He urged Bishop Luzineth Kingamkono to work diligently, humbly and faithfully and not to be discouraged by the various obstacles he will face in his service.

Speaking immediately after his consecration and installation service, Bishop Luzineth Kingamkono said that the Diocese will continue to support the government’s mission in fighting poverty, disease and ignorance by providing social services including schools and clinics owned by the Diocese in Mpwapwa District.

He said the Anglican Church Diocese of Mpwapwa has faith in the government under the leadership of President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan who leads the nation with peace, love and stability adding that the church will continue to pray for government leaders and put the nation in God’s hands at all times.

Bishop Kingamkono added that the presence of national unity is the catalyst for Tanzania to take steps towards development and he urged religious leaders to pray for government leaders so that they can fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

On his part, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Tanzania, Dr Maimbo Mndolwa congratulated the government for the various efforts it is making in bringing development to the people including the Mpwapwa District residents.

Bishop Mndolwa called on the government to continue improving the infrastructure, including the construction of asphalt-level roads in Mpwapwa District to facilitate services for citizens and religious leaders in daily activities.

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