Solution sought to human/wildlife conflicts in Serengeti

SERENGETI District, Mara Region is leading with incidences of human/wildlife conflicts involving elephants, lions and local communities, according to officials.

Principal Wildlife Officer from Wildlife Division in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Ms Antonia Raphael revealed the magnitude of the problem during a crucial conservation workshop held in Mugumu to find solutions to the increasing conflicts pitting human and wildlife in the district.

Ms Antonia thanked the Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) for hosting the high profile two-day workshop which brought together participants from key conservation departments including Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute(TAWIRI), Grumeti Fund, WWF, Ikona Wildlife Management Area(WMA), Serengeti District Council and local leaders from several villages around the country’s wildlife-rich  WMA .

“The government is pleased with FZS efforts in preventing human/wildlife conflicts here (Serengeti district) and this is a huge support to the government,” Ms Antonia, who represented the Director of Wildlife Division during the workshop, said.

She called for joint efforts in preventing human/wildlife conflicts, insisting that the government is doing everything possible to find lasting solutions for the problem which exists in over 81 district councils across the country.

The ministry puts Serengeti as leading district in terms of recording high number of incidences related to human/wildlife conflicts countrywide, according to her.

She whoever said consolation fees that are paid to families affected by wild animals is not a lasting solution on the problem.


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