Solicitor General’s office commits justice delivery to attract investors

THE Office of Solicitor General (OSG) has expressed its determination to ensure it dispenses justice to build trust among investors over Tanzania’s state of justice delivery, hence attracting more investments for economic growth.

“We as an office mandated to supervise civil cases and arbitrations filed against the government or on behalf of the government we have a big role of ensuring that justice is served in order to build trust among investors in different economic sectors in the country, and hence facilitate nation’s wellbeing,” the Solicitor General, Dr Boniface Luhende stated, on Monday.

He clarified that the office would attract investors when responsible legal staff would ensure timely conclusion of cases, strengthening relations between the investors and the government, and heightening economic diplomacy.

Dr Luhende made the statement at his office in Dar es Salaam during a brief ceremony to welcome and introduce Deputy Solicitor General, Ms Sarah Mwaipopo to the staff and management.

“Deputy Solicitor General and I need your (staff) in implementing daily duties of defending the government,” he said.

He recalled President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s statement that the Office of the Solicitor General consists of engineers of justice whom the nation depends on them in supervising justice, laws, and protect government’s resources, particularly during this crucial time when the President Samia is making huge efforts to attract investors to the country.

Earlier, Ms Mwaipopo thanked President Samia for trusting her and appointing her to the position, and promised to effectively serve Tanzanians and the government in collaboration with the staff and management of the OSG.

She asked the staff and management to accord her cooperation in undertaking the duties of the OSG.

The government expectations in the establishment of the OSG is that the Office of the OSG will enhance and strengthen the government ability to litigate civil cases including human rights and constitutional matters in courts of law and undertake arbitral proceedings in tribunals; enhance effective supervision of civil cases in courts of law including human rights and constitutional matters; and will carry out the general coordination of the conduct of civil litigation and arbitral proceedings on behalf of the Central Government.

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