SMEs told to produce high quality goods to access loans

TANZANIA: TANZANIA Bureau of Standards (TBS) has urged local manufacturers to consider production of quality goods which will enable them to access loans from financial institutions to boost their businesses.

TBS Northern Zone Manager, Mr Joseph Mwaipaja said on Monday in Arusha that manufacturers who produce quality goods tend to have stable businesses and enable them to access loans since they are trusted by financial institutions.

“Also selling quality products helps entrepreneurs to have stable businesses… and financial institutions want to deal with sustainable businesses,” said Mr Mwaipaja during the meeting with bakery producers.

He said quality production leads to profit maximisation for dealers and traders, thus having a stable business increases a level of confidence in businessmen since it is trusted by the financial organisation and also increases the chance to access loans, which is not the case with unstable businesses.

The standard authority has conducted an inspection associated with the education to traders of bakery products including breads and pastries aimed at sensitising the quality production that complies with the TBS’s standards. Speaking after the inspection, Mr Mwaipaja said the purpose is to eliminate low quality products from markets to protect the well-being of consumers since poor products are dangerous to their health.

“We started by educating you on proper ways to produce bakery goods and reminding you that selling products that do not meet the requirements is not an option,” said Mwaipaja.

He added that the inspection is also extended to stores to ensure that traders and dealers are only dealing with products that have quality marks from the TBS. He noted that low-quality products that will be identified during the inspection will be confiscated at the expense of the traders.

Moreover, Mr Mwaipaja stressed that the inspection which started two months ago in the northern regions of Arusha, Tanga, Kilimanjaro, and Manyara, will be conducted regularly.

“Right now we have started with bread because there are people who think it is right for them to sell low-quality products,” he stressed.

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