Six Tembo Warriors seal crucial deals in Europe

Six Tembo Warriors players have earned professional football opportunities in Europe following their good performance at the 2022 Amputee Football World Cup held in Istanbul, Turkey.

This has been revealed by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Culture, Arts and Sports, Dr Hassan Abbasi who said splendid performance has given them such a life changing platform.

“These six players have sealed deals to play at decorated teams in Europe, something we need to be proud of,” he added.

Again, Dr Abbasi revealed that lot have been achieved at the concluded Amputee Football World Cup finals of which Tanzania competed for the first time.

“We excelled to venture into the quarter-finals of the contest, beating reputable teams like Italy, Uzbekistan and Japan.

“Also, the team has managed to promote the country’s tourism as players featured with kits branded ‘Visit Tanzania,’ the PS added.

However, on world rankings, Tembo Warriors are seventh which is remarkable for them and Turkey are the new world champions who claimed it after defeating Angola 4-1 on Sunday.

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