Six killed, over 100 nabbed in special ‘Panya Road’ operations

POLICE have gun down six people and arrested 135 others suspected involved in various crime activities in Dar es Salaam.

A report released on Monday states that the the arrested suspects are being interrogated by the Force.

Their arrest comes just four days after the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner; Amos Makalla announced that about 300 police officers have been deployed in the city to arrest teenage armed gang members famously known as ‘Panya Road’ allegedly causing havoc in different parts of the city.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam on Monday, the RC Makalla said apart from arresting the suspects, other stolen items were caught including 23 televisions.

“We have investigated and discovered that those committing the crimes are youth aged between 14 and 30 years old and the gang leaders are those who are from serving various sentences in prisons,” he said.

Makalla who doubles as chairperson of Security Regional Committee said: “On the 15th of September, I announced a special operation and another 300 police officers were deployed to deal with the matter but these people did not want to understand and therefore went cause havoc in Makongo and Ubungo…During these four days the operation has been successful, we have been able to control the crimes and the region is safe.”

On Saturday night POLICE in Dar es Salaam gunned down six suspected members of the notorious criminal gang ‘Panya road’ during special operations conducted at the city’s Makongo suburb.

Mr Makalla added that for the strengthening of the operation and safety of the region, all police stations will be working 24 hrs.

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