SINO TAN industrial park attracts investors

INVESTORS from three countries have shown interest in investing at SINO TAN industrial park in Kibaha, Coast Region.

The three investors are from Kenya, Gabon and Turkey.

They commended SINO TAN for the good development of the project under Group Six International Ltd.

They also congratulated the government of Tanzania for working side by side with the company to ensure that the project is completed at the intended time to promote economic development.

The investors have asked Tanzanians to grab the opportunities which will arise from the projects which will be implemented at the industrial park.

Mr Samuel Ndonga, the co-founder and Managing Director of Samawati Capital Partners (Kenya) said that “this is a great opportunity especially for us as our company invests in different areas especially agriculture, electricity, health, education and all issues related to banking.

“We want to invest in agriculture and food processing and we see a very big opportunity in the workplace because about 600,000 people are expected to be employed once the projects start,” he said.

Mr Ndonga said that they are waiting for the project to be completed so that they can hold talks with local investors dealing with food processing such as TACAPPA and other companies so that they can cooperate in the subsector and global energy.

Mr Jeff Migole, the Technical and Strategic Advisor under the Ministry for Promotion of Investments of public-private partnerships (Gabon), said that 20 years ago   they did not think that the industrial park could be developed.

“We are now confident that we can invest on the industrial park because of its good progress, were are interested in investing in the electronic sector because it is where there are more opportunities in Tanzania,” he said.

He added that “It is my wish that all African nations would see this and emulate it in their countries to help improve their economy and have better progress not only in economic issues but also in social, health and many other areas,” said Mr Migole.

Mr Kaan Ozkan, an investor from Turkey said that they are more into solar projects and Tanzania has a big projects on solar so it is an opportunity to invest, saying it is important for every Tanzanian to have electricity and among factories that are going to be built here one of them is going to be a factory dealing with solar energy under our supervision.

Eng Alexander Nchaholuli, the SINO-TAN Project Manager said the industrial park project is crucial for Tanzania’s economy.

“This project is in two phases, where the first phase is for two years and the other phase is for three years…  upon completion within the five years, we expect to contribute 6bn/- to the national income per year,” he said.

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