Singida Fountain Gate acquire Gwambina Stadium

SINGIDA: SINGIDA Fountain Gate have confirmed that they have bought Gwambina Stadium, to ensure their team grow and progress from one stage to another.

The club’s President Japhet Makau revealed that recently, while speaking to journalists about the club’s different issues. Makau stipulated that they will use the Gwambina Stadium that is located in Mwanza region to develop different talents in the country.

“We are the owner of Gwambina Stadium, right now we are renovating the stadium and we will change the stadium name,” he said.

He also noted that after the renovation of the stadium they will use it to improve young talents that are found in Tanzania.

“We will start a programme of youth empowerment through soccer as we want to help different young talents that are found in Tanzania,” he noted.

Singida will be one among the Mainland Premier League clubs that own Stadia. Others are Azam FC who own Azam Complex, Ihefu who own Highland Estate Stadium and Namungo Fc who own Majaliwa Stadium in Lindi.

Furthermore, the two Tanzanian giants based in Kariakoo, Simba and Young Africans are among clubs that are in processes of having their own stadia, Stadia can help shape clubs towns and cities and at the same time put respective communities on the map.

They save costs for clubs in hiring stadia to use and is one of main sources of income as well. The global financial power of sport in general is increasing and the 21st century is gradually establishing sport as the world’s first true global culture.

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