Simba unfazed by Barbara’s departure

SIMBA have assured members and fans that nothing is going to be affected when the club’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Barbara Gonzalez retires in January next year saying everything will be fine.

The assurance was made in Dar es Salaam yesterday by the club’s Media and Communications Manager Ahmed Ally who reiterated that the outgoing CEO has helped a lot in her capacity to drive the club forward.

“We are saddened that she is leaving but always remember that Simba don’t rely on one person…her departure will pave way for others to come in and keep pushing the club further.

“We understand that she is a potential woman and for the brief period she has been at the club, a lot of positive changes have been made including making Simba one of the great and feared teams in Africa,” he said.

Adding, Ally said the most important thing they have to do is to ensure that the club remains unshaken by promoting unity among its fraternity saying a concrete institution should never paralyse when an individual departs.

“We are happy that her resignation notice is for one month as such; there are two main tasks in between which she is going to be in charge like transferring of players during the mini-transfer window.

“Also, Gonzalez is going to oversee the entire election process at the club until new leaders are sourced and thereafter, she can step down,” he said.

In a related development, Ally seized the opportunity to denounce speculations that the club’s sponsor Mohamed Dewji is also considering to leave saying there is no truth in such allegations.

“A lot of things are being said concerning Dewji but the bottom line is that he is going nowhere…he likes to be at Simba hence, people should not believe in such rumours,” he said.

Simba are placed third in the NBC Premier League table with 34 points from 15 games and remain certain to claim the season’s silverware which they surrendered to Young Africans last season.

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