Simba to pitch camp in Türkiye

SIMBA SC said they have picked Türkiye as the venue to pitch a pre-season camp ahead of the 2023/24 league season.

The Msimbazi Street Club revealed this on Monday through their Twitter handle.

In another development Simba’s kit sponsor Sandaland has unveiled the club’s 2023/24 kit has already arrived in Dar es Salaam as they only wait for the official date of introduction.

The Sandaland CEO, Sanda Omary, disclosed that they have produced many jerseys with the best design and quality; therefore, the club’s fans should warmly await the big day to officiate the kit.

“The kit is ready; it is in Dar es Salaam. We are waiting for the club to let us know of the kit launching day. The club’s fans are anxiously waiting to see the kit and perhaps wondering what the kit looks like. I urge club fans to stay tuned, for we have the best kit.”

Omary also noted the challenge they mostly encounter in the business of kit production is dealing with counterfeit jerseys.

“Counterfeit jerseys are among our greatest challenges in kit production. It puts the buyer in a spot, failing to figure out which is genuine and which is not.

“Therefore, I urge all those who benefit from such illegal acts to stop immediately.”

Simba has signed a two-year kit deal worth 4 bn/- with Sandaland in Dar es Salaam last month. Before signing with Sandaland, they had a two-year kit deal with Vunja Bei worth 2bn/-.

It is an interesting tug-of-war when it comes to a new kit, with each club in the Mainland Premier League blasting with pride that they will produce the best kit of the season.

Apart from Simba bragging about producing the best kit, as quoted by the kit sponsor, their traditional rivals, Young Africans, unveiled yesterday they will introduce their new kit this week.

During a press briefing yesterday, Yanga’s Media and Communication Manager, Ally Kamwe, said his side has produced the best kit, and they have begun receiving preorders.

Kamwe said they will soon make an official launch of the kit this week, bragging about its design and quality while insisting he hopes it will top as the best kit in Africa.

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