Simba head to honour Mkude’s 13- year service

AS a way to give their midfield legend, Jonas Mkude a befitting farewell, Simba have announced to conduct two parades during Simba Day to officially acknowledge his 13-year stay at the club.

For the first time in his competitive playing career, Mkude is set to put on a new jersey that does not bear the Simba logo, as he joined the Msimbazi Street Reds’ senior team from their junior side.

Speculations are going on via different media outlets that he may seal a deal to join Simba’s traditional rivals Young Africans though the latter has made no official communication.

However, in his clarification recently, Simba’s Media and Communication Manager Ahmed Ally revealed that on Simba Day, two parades to honour Mkude.

“The junior team will do the first parade, who will line up on two sides for Mkude to pass in between while clapping hands for him. This will be an inspiration for the young players to work hard.

“The second parade will be made by the senior team players who will also make a guard of honour for him to pass through, and all these are part of recognising his immense contributions to our club,” said Ally.

He also pointed out that jersey number 20, which Mkude used to put on, will be given to players once they find another competitive star from the junior side who will be promoted to the senior team just like Mkude did.

“In this regard, jersey number 20 will not be seen in the upcoming season among our players until somebody with qualities like him (Mkude) is identified…it does not matter what position he plays provided he has desirable qualities,” Ally remarked.

Moreover, he said doors at Simba are always open for Mkude whenever he feels like retiring, saying there is his space either in the technical section or management.

Mkude is among four domestic players released by the Msimbazi street giants ahead of the next season alongside Erasto Nyoni, Gadiel Micheal and Beno Kakolanya.

In a related development, Ally disclosed that the exercise in letting go of some players who will not be part of the Simba brigade next term will be completed this week.

“We have people like Selemani Matola, Musa Mgosi and others who, after playing for Simba and retiring from football, were welcomed back and are now helping the club as coaches,” he said.

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