Simba eye productive pre-season drills

SIMBA Coach Roberto Oliveira has insisted they aim to sharpen the squad with the signing in of two excellent players in each position before heading for pre-season drills ahead of an action-packed next season.

The Brazilian instructor is optimistic that his side will be lethal next season, and he is sure they will not complete their campaign title-less.

“For example, if I have five weeks of pre-season, I will need each week to have one friendly match. We have to change players’ mentality and create a strong team plus technical bench because football has changed a lot,” he said.

“That is a good moment to prepare a good and strong team for the future. We need to create a balanced squad because sometimes, you lose players due to injuries and suspensions; hence in every position, we need two players of the same level. “This is very important for our club because we have many competitions coming up; we have the responsibility to succeed in such competitions because Simba is a big club to the extent that people in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and even Brazil talk about this club,” he said.

He also complimented his players for their fast grasping of his playing tactics, saying they transfer well what they do on the training ground onto the match.

“This is so because they believe in their coach and technical bench because if they do not trust you, they cannot perform well,” Oliveira said in Dar es Salaam on Sunday.

Moreover, the Brazilian coach reiterated that a squad reshuffle before next season is inevitable, insisting they must get players with modern football skills.

He also saluted himself that in the premier league since taking charge of the club in January this year, he has not lost any match in his 21 fixtures while stamping a 2-0 win over traditional rivals Young Africans in Dar es Salaam.

“We can approach them with a strong team in the upcoming international matches. My strategy is to create balance in my team such that if one player is missing, we have the other of the same level to play. “For me, players like Clatous Chama, Shomari Kapombe, Mohamed Hussein, Said Ntibazonkiza and Sadio Kanoute are the best, but sometimes, Said or Chama cannot play; hence I need to use other players in their position of the same level,” he disclosed.

He also narrated that they prepare specific training programmes for young players like Peter Banda, Pape Sakho, Jean Baleke and Kibu Denis because they need to give them a good foundation

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