SILABU, Voda partner for e-learning

SILABU has partnered with Vodacom Tanzania Plc to scale up e-learning platform for schools in the country.

The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, Commissioner for Education, Dr Lyabwene Mutahaba said the platform aligns with the needs of the country to facilitate online teaching without a physical presence in classrooms.

“The availability of digital resources makes it easier for students and professionals from various fields to learn through online platforms,” Dr Mutahaba said during the launch at the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) headquarters.

SILABU is a result of the Vodacom Digital Accelerator programme, which supports innovative start-ups that use technology to provide solutions to challenges facing the society.

SILABU is amongst the start-ups that participated in the first phase of the Vodacom Digital Accelerator programme and emerged as the overall winner.

“We are making strides in collaborating with the private sector, especially communication and technology companies to ensure quality of services across the country,” Dr Mutahaba said.

Vodacom Tanzania Digital Services Director, Mr Nguvu Kamando said SILABU shows that the country’s youths have innovative ideas and solutions and can achieve great results.

“They only need a platform,” Mr Kamando said.

SILABU’s Chief Operations Officer, Adam Duma said they provide a wide range of opportunities through e-class that cater to the needs of different educational levels, from early class to university plus tailor-made courses.

“We also empower students to choose their preferred learning method, whether it is online or face- to-face with a teacher, individually, or by joining a group with other students,” Mr Duma said.

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