SIDO embarks in schools’ entrepreneurship skills programme

SMALL Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) in Mtwara Region is set to start running entrepreneurship skills programme in secondary schools level.

SIDO Regional Manager Mr Twaha Sued said the programme to roll for the first time in Mtwara will help equip secondary students with skills and knowledge on various businesses that they can do after school to earn a living.

He made the revelation over the weekend when signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with management of Aquinas Secondary School in Mtwara, to start running the entrepreneurship skills program in the school.

“For the first time, SIDO are introducing a programme to teach entrepreneurship skills in secondary schools. Such a programme has never been conducted any of the region in the country, SIDO in Mtwara is the first to introduce it,” he said.

Mr Sued said the programme will run for four months in Aquinas Secondary School after which, it will be extended for a long time in Aquinas and other secondary schools that are interested.

“We have signed the MoU to run the programme for four months in order to identify the challenges on how to better manage it as it is the first time to introduce it secondary level,” he said.

The Headmaster of the Aquinas Secondary School Ms Paula Ngagani said the entrepreneurship skills programme will be taught to Form Four students in the school.

According to Ms Ngagani, the programme be conducted in theory and practically under SIDO experts.

She said the students will be taught on various programmes including sewing, food processing, mechanical works among others.

“The entrepreneurship skills development programme will be taught in the evening after students break from their normal schedules in class,” she.

She said programme is set to help students acquire skills and knowledge and later employee themselves by starting and conducting small businesses after school.

Through the programme, SIDO and the management of schools will later link the students with successful small and medium enterprises to continue coaching them.

The programme according to Ms Ngagani will help cut unemployment rate among youth who completes school.

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