Shock as madman kills Priest

A man suspected to be suffering from psychiatric disorder attacked and killed a priest at Karatu Catholic Church in Arusha on Wednesday

The man, identified as Romani Leonard had forced his way into the church while the sermon was going on used a blunt object to kill the priest, Pamphil Nada who died while he was being rushed to hospital.

He was killed by enraged crowd of church members.

Arusha Regional Police Commander (RPC) Justine Masejo told the ‘Daily News’ over the phone yesterday that the mentally deranged  was forcing his way into the church and when allowed, he ended up brutally killing the priest.

“The killer is said to make numerous attempts to enter the church. He claimed that he wanted to pray,” said the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Masejo.

According to him the murderer was later beaten to death by enraged crowd.

“The killer is said to have made numerous attempts of entering the Church. He would later be allowed by the Parish Priest only to murder him,” he said.

The murderer is said to be hailing from Gekum Rambo village in Karatu District.

Following the incident, the regional police commander appealed for calm as his force continues to establish the motive behind the priest’s killing.

He further urged the public to provide any useful information over the incident.

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