SGA Tanzania wins Africa security award

LOCAL Security Company SGA has made another feat by being declared the overall winner of the Security Company of the Year at the Africa Company of the Year Awards 2023 during the gala ceremony in Dar es Salaam recently.

SGA Security had been shortlisted with several other security companies in a competitive survey that assessors had to vet, and verification of the process done by renowned international audit firm.

According to the event organisers, Eastern Star Consulting Group, through their lead assessor, Mr Tom Onguru, the participants were assessed on seven determinants – strategic leadership, marketing and customer-centricity, human resources management, quality management, financial management and ICT & knowledge management. They had to produce detailed evidence to support the ratings.

In his appreciation speech, the SGA Tanzania Managing Director, Mr Eric Sambu explained that SGA was through a difficult transition after a sudden increase in minimum wage by 48 per cent that made it difficult for many customers to afford private security services, but all is well now.

He said the company is preparing to celebrate 40th anniversary of its operations in Tanzania and added that SGA was the first security company to be registered in Tanzania, as Group 4 Security (T) Ltd in 1983.

The company, according to Mr Sambu, has pioneered many transformations in the private security sector since then and currently employs over 5,000 Tanzanians, being part of a Group that employs over 18,000 staff across the region.

“We dedicate this award to our employees across the network who always ensure that customers get value for money, and this is demonstrated by the faith and confidence in our service. This motivates us to work extra hard to give them value for money,” Mr Sambu said.

He also saluted his uniformed staff for giving the company competitive advantage. “There are about 2,000 private security companies in Tanzania. What differentiates us is how we deliver the service to our customers. This award is a clear demonstration that we know what the customers want, and we know how to deliver it. Our employees remain our focus to ensure that they always exceed customer expectation,” he added.

On her part, SGA Marketing Manager – Faustina Shoo – expressed joy after receiving the award after a very challenging three-year period caused by Covid-19 pandemic and lastly the sudden minimum wage increase.

“At SGA we remained forthright, and customer focused. Together, we are stronger amidst the challenges because of partnerships we built. We thank the customers and the public for their trust”, she said.

Mr Sambu explained that he values the close working relationship with government agencies, especially the Tanzania Police Force (TPF), who partner with them in training, pre-employment vetting, investigation, response and operations.

He urged other companies to adhere to good standards of service by emulating this and called on them to take care of their employees by paying good salaries and on time so that they are motivated to work.

“Investing in people is a good investment. Continuous training as required by police is key to success,” he added.

While stating the future plans for SGA, Mr Sambu said they will continue to invest in people, technology and innovation to give value for money to its customers and continue to create value to the society.

He said they look forward to retaining the trophy next year as he thanked the organisers of the Africa Company of the Year Awards for the approach used, for independent assessment verified by reputable audit firm and it gives the award legitimacy and credibility.

Those who did not end in the podium to be celebrated learnt a lot by participation as the feedback was detailed and specific. It will bring positive change in service delivery.

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