Seven lose sight after treating Red Eyes with traditional medicine

ZANZIBAR: SEVEN people, including two in Pemba Island have suffered from ocular discomfort and eventually lost sight after applying traditional medicine in treating Red Eyes.

The ocular discomfort of dry eye disease (DED) is characterised by dryness, burning, irritation, foreign body sensation, itching, or grittiness.

“These are typical examples of cases that disqualify the behaviours of treating any ailment without seeking help from medical professionals. Let us join hands with the media to increase public awareness and encourage people to visit hospitals when they suffer from any disease including Red Eyes,” Dr Rajab Mohamed Hilali, Coordinator, Primary Health said. He was speaking recently at a one-day seminar organised for journalists to enlighten and update them on the escalating cases of Red Eyes and Malaria prevalence in the Isles.

During the seminar, journalists were encouraged to sensitise and educate people on the effects of treating themselves at home using traditional medicines.

Dr Hilali explained that the situation of Red Eyes disease which emerged at the beginning of this year, has been becoming serious, and that the number of patients has increased from 4,000 last week to 12,860 currently.

“It is unfortunate that people are losing sight because of being reckless in finding treatment. If you get sick, report to the nearby hospital for advice and appropriate treatment,” he stressed.

Mr Bakar Hamad Magarawa, Manager, health education unit, Ministry of Health, pointed out that there are still a large number of people suffering from eye diseases, but do not report to hospitals for treatment.

“I urge all people to report to hospitals when they fall sick and also ensure their homes and surroundings are clean to control diseases,” said Magarawa.

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