Sengerema poised on mass Schistosomiasis vaccination

SENGEREMA: MORE than 88 thousand students between the ages of 5-14 are expected to be vaccinated with anti-inflammatory drugs and stomach worms so as to prevent them from Schistosomiasis disease.

The students who are expected to receive the drugs are from 111 Primary schools of Sengerema District Council.

During the meeting held on Monday by the Primary Health Committee, Council Acting Director, Dr Fredrick Mugarula said the exercise will take place on 23rd and 24th of November this year.

Dr Mugarula said the medicines provided are common and have been given regularly so he urged members of the committee to provide proper education to the community so that the exercise can be useful.

He said the committee has members from various institutions and leaders of religious denominations, it is good for them to help in the provision of correct information to targeted audiences including parents.

“These drugs are common, they are used in clinics, health centres, hospitals and pharmacies, so we have don’t have to doubt them because they are not harmful to humans,” he said.

Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) coordinator, Ms Rachel Ntogwisangu said that schools in 22 wards will get schistosomiasis medicine and stomach worm medicine while schools in 4 wards will get stomach worm medicine only.

Participants who attended the session called on the leadership of the Council through the District Medical Officer to ensure all beneficiaries are given the medicines to eradicate the intended diseases as well as proper education to people so as to prevent themselves from these diseases.

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