See Simba’s kit at Kili top

A MESMERISING weekend for Simba’s fans, who saw their weekend enhanced by three packages: a partnership with NMB Bank, an announcement of Simba Day and the unveiling of the club’s 2023/2024 kit.

The club disclosed that Simba Day will climax on August 6th this year while on July 21st, the club will unveil the next season’s kit.

Among the most intriguing aspects of these three packages was the announcement that the kit will be unveiled on Mount Kilimanjaro.

The other package was a memorandum of understanding between Simba and NMB. The MoU, ‘Ukaribu wa Nguvu’, aims to increase fan and member registration efficiency. The Club’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Imani Kajula, urged fans and members to seize the golden opportunity to ensure that stakeholders who support the team also benefit.

Briefing on the kit introduction, Kajula told the audience that the kit unveiling trip to Mount Kilimanjaro will begin on Wednesday.

The club expects Friday to reach the peak and unveil the kit.

He added that the kit would be available for purchase from Saturday after the unveiling on Friday.

All three packages caught the hearts of Simba fans who jam-packed Tanganyika Packers’ grounds in Kawe, Dar es Salaam.

Besides the three key things that brought fans to the grounds, the day was coloured with performances by Khaleed Ramadhan (Tunda Man) and Oscar Lello (Whozu). During the performance, both club and bank officials danced with club fans.

The fans also saluted a newly club-recruited forward from Cameroon, Willy Essomba Onana. This was after the Club’s Chairman, Murtaza Mangungu, called him onto the stage for an introduction to fans. Before Onana joined the Tanzanian giants, he played at Rayon Sports of Rwanda. He won the golden boot and the best player award in Rwanda’s league.

In his remarks, Mangungu thanked the fans for their appearance, noting it showed heartfelt support for the club and their partner NMB.

“The partnership we have begun with NMB will continue, and we will travel with you everywhere. Simba is the seventh-ranked club in Africa, so we will make you known across the globe.”

On his side, Chief of Retail Banking and Business Filbert Mponzi said the agreement will benefit both parties, where fans and club members will fulfill their registration rights in any of the NMB branches countrywide.

“We are launching three services, NMB Simba Account, NMB Simba Queens Account and Children’s Account, at 5000/-.

“We have a wide network of branches, which we will use to reach all Tanzanians who love Simba. They will get NMB cards with the Simba logo when making transactions.

In addition, they will get 10- per cent discount and more when paying for services through their cards.”

Adding, he said the service will begin during Simba Week, and fans are encouraged to seize such a golden opportunity.

During this process, fans and members of Simba will register through a wide network of 229 branches of the Bank. They will be given cards with Life Insurance up to 6m/-.

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