Screening camp reveals people with unknowing NDCs status

THE major screening camp conducted by   the Regency Medical Center (RMC) in Dar es Salaam has found majority of people living with diabetes and hypertension without knowing.

RMC Specialist, Dr Sudakshnina Ghosh who is Nephrologist, revealed that yesterday after the one day camp held on Thursday where more than people 100 were attended.

The screening camp was organized by RMC and held at Regency Specialized Polyclinic, Zanaki Street in Dar es Salaam aspart of commemoration of the World Kidney Day which is celebrated every March 9.

“It is sad to learn that majority of people were found with diabetes and hypertension and they were  not aware with their health status…you can see how big is the problem because people don’t have a culture of doing health check up until it is too late,” she said

She said that during the camp, they also found many people who are overweight the situation which endangers their lives because they are at risk of developing various diseases.

“Obesity is increasing because of our lifestyle people eat junk food too much and some people don’t care about healthy eating.

She said there must be awareness campaign all over the country for people to do regular check up even if they are health instead of waiting until it is too late to control the problem.

She said they interviewed people who attended the camp on their eating behavior and results show that majority of them don’t know how to eat healthy food.

“People eat too much meat and we must do something to educate them on the consequences of it and advice them to prefer vegetables for their health. The camp was good and people appreciated it and asked RMC to do it regularly,” she said

Lalit Kanabar who is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Regency Medical Centre said

“We will do it once a year because some people said one day is not enough and we feel good that we have done something for the community, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility” he said adding that.

“This has been a vision of our Founder Chairman of Regency Medical Centre (Late) Dr Rajni Kanabar and we will surely carry on his legacy of contributing in the health sector in the country by serving our fellow Tanzanians,” he said.

Robert Bona who attended the camp praised the RMC for providing the service for free and asked them to do it regularly so that the poor citizens can get the services.

“Many people have problems but they do not have the ability to go to the hospital to get tests, that’s why you see many people have come here after being told that it is free, so this service should be sustainable,” he said.

John Masatu also congratulated the Regency Hospital for the free service and asked them to extend the days so that many Tanzanians who have no means can get the service.

“This service is very good and we really appreciate it for giving back to the community by giving us the service of many health tests. We ask other hospitals to imitate from Regency so that Tanzanians who have no means can get services like we got here at Regency Medical Center,” he said

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